Feeling Lonely

I feel alone in this world today. I’ve had an awesome opportunity to put in a ton of overtime. This, compounded with my raise is definitely a Divine opportunity to start getting in track financially.

Since my wife is going thru depression, she usually wants solitude, so there’s been no pressure to get home early or on time.

But with both of those things comes a price. It’s that lonely feeling. I’m working 6am-6pm. I’m coming home to a distant wife. My kids are at the age where they don’t want to be tickled and constantly hugged. My so-called love language is physical touch. So I was already feeling lonely long ago.

No one calls to check on me. I’m jealous because my wife has 3 people who call or text her 3 times a day. The only calls or texts I get are people needing things from me. I’m just a tool.

All that’s left is Jesus, and I want to say that’s enough, but it’s not filling the gap. I do not feel whole. If God is calling those close to me to check on me, why aren’t they listening? Am I not listening? Where are my people?

I guess I’m not important enough to others. My wife is, my family in general is, but I’m not as a single human. So I’ll just keep trying to be the best friend of Jesus, he’s the only one that reaches out to me.


4 thoughts on “Feeling Lonely

  1. I’ve been going through it, too. Almost in the exact way you’ve described. We just have to make little changes to keep ourselves from caving. Blessings.

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  2. Bro, email me your phone number. I’ll text and check on you!

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    1. Thanks, I try to stay as anonymous as possible. You can send me messages on wordpress all you want.


      1. I understand and respect that.

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