She Said

Anna told me that she is only here because it’s best for the kids and necessary for our financial state. It’s not the first time she has told me this. The difference between the last few times she has said this is that I’m in a place where I’m making life changes and and fed up with how things are.

First, I need to confront her after the dust settles and verify if that is really how she feels.

Second, I need to come up with some actions if that is how she feels. Currently, I’m thinking separate bedrooms/sleeping arrangements. 1 joint account that will pay bills and kids activities,  and 2 separate accounts for our personal selves.

If she really doesn’t feel that way, then that is the last time she can say that to me without the above results.

I’m brainstorming on how to handle this. I can easily control the money, but she knows how to manipulate my emotions and tear me down, whether it’s intentional or not. I still love her, but I can’t make her love me. I’ve been trying that for almost 17 years. What I do know is that I can’t continue doing what I’m doing and she can’t continue doing what she’s doing.


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