Bible Book recommendation please

I’m looking for a book or plan to guide me through intentional planning of my life.

I know, I know. The Bible. But I don’t know where to find certain things, so a book that points me in the right direction in the Bible.

These areas I’d like to focus on.

Finances and debt. I have some large debt and I’m struggling with getting it tackled. I’ve been living life in fear of my depression and anxiety and I NEED Jesus to be my strength. I have sai stuff in collections and I can’t seem to get the courage to call these places so I can get a payment plan.

Sex. I love my wife and crave sex with her often, but she is not interested at all. Our drives are so far out of match. I want that connection with her every 4 or 5 days and she could easily go 4 or 5 months. I can’t change her, but I’m having such a hard time changing myself. No matter how hard I try, I get resentful, feeling unloved, and then it all just consumes all of my thoughts.

Be a leader. I was born a follower personality type. I go with the flow. However, there are too many things going on that require me to be an effective leader, not a follower.

Organization. Every day, I feel like I’m just winging it. All of my plans and goals are short term. I’m barely putting anything in my 401k. I rely on my wife to do the dreaming for our lives. I constantly feel like I’m putting out fires in life and never doing anything to prevent the fires.

Living in the moment. You’d think sincei don’t seem to have much long range planning skills, I must be living in the moment. Nope. I’m missing happy moments with the kids and my wife. I’m not creating lasting memories. I rarely find joy in daily things.

If you have a book or tool that can help me work on these things and be Bible based, I’d gladly accept your recommendations.


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7 thoughts on “Bible Book recommendation please

  1. Getting Things Done by David Allen
    Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey
    The 5 Love Languages for Men by Gary Chapman
    Right Here Right Now by Amy Oden
    Boundaries in Marriage by Henry Cloud
    The Mentor Leader by Tony Dungy
    The House that Love Built by Bettie Youngs
    The Making of a Man by Tim Brown

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    1. I have in place some pieces of Getting Things Done. I do for for a few weeks and then I eventually fall away and have to start up again. So, I think that might not be the best solution for me. However, I have never read the WHOLE book, so I should do that.
      Financial Peace is something I want to do, but I can’t convince my wife to get on board. Would that even work doing it alone?
      I’ve read 5 love languages twice and so has she. Serval years ago, She actually told me she was so empty she couldn’t figure out what her own language was. I’m not sure how to fill her up when she doesn’t even know what her language is. Mine is obviously physical.
      I read another book from Tony Dungy. I’ll give that one a try.
      I haven’t heard of the other books.
      I probably sound negative about some of these first suggestions, but I will probably go back to them again, so thanks for suggesting them.
      I’m a really slow reader. It might take some time to get to them all. πŸ˜€


      1. I listened to the audiobook of GTD and found it very helpful. Even just the suggestion of putting the to-do-list on your phone in categories depending on where you are (at work, on the computer, etc.) so you can look at it in a pre-sorted fashion.

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        1. I used Wunderlist until Microsoft bought it. Then moved to Trello and liked it a lot but it needs to tie into my email better than it does. I love the idea of Flow-e, but it doesn’t have an app, just Gmail addon. So now I’m trying our Google tasks. Still not sold on it yet.
          I have a feeling I’ll move back to Trello


  2. Counseling is very helpful. Probably more so than a book. You can communicate directly with them, and your spouse, also. Praying for you both.

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    1. Thanks, I was also thinking about counseling, that just seems daunting when I already have so many bills (medical ones especially) to add another one. But I have been seriously considering it

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      1. It’s helpful. I know. Been through it a few times. Blessings to you and your family. πŸ™

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