Church Turmoil

I have gotten to be really good friends with the pastor we hired last June. Probably best of friends. But something is happening. People in our Congregation has questioned if he is bipolar or something else. He is easily passionate about some things. I seem to be missing a lot of information, but there are several down-to-earth people in our congregation that are seeing issues that could lead to his termination.

I don’t see these things and I always hear about them from my friend. To be honest, I’m confused. I trust my friend is telling me his side of the story, but there are truths missing. I don’t know if it is intentional, or he is blind to them. I know truth is missing because there are more than 1, or even 2, people that are acting way out of character for me to have the whole story.

I’m now on the Board at church, but we not yet had a meeting, it’s next Tuesday. Most of the information given to me-I’m not supposed to know. I feel a little stuck in a hard place. I want to protect my friend, yet be wise about the situation.

So, just pray for me and my church family and our pastor.

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1 thought on “Church Turmoil

  1. Churches can be drama vortexes.

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