Everybody has something they are dealing with. No one is exempt.

John1 is struggling with how he wants to take his business over the next couple of years. John2 is a cocaine addict. John3 has a rebellious daughter. John4 gets discouraged. John5 is trying to repair his marriage. John6’s sister is across seas dealing with her husband’s sickness. I feel helpless dealing with my son’s anxiety. John7 is deployed across seas away from his family. John8’s brother is untreated bipolar and a huge burden. John9 is retiring on less than great terms with his employer. John10 has a wife that is high maintenance to the point that it is quite stressful. John11’s daughter had complications during the delivery of their baby.

These are the guys in my men’s bible study. Some of these guys are prominent city officials, some of us are pastors, some of us are laborers, some of us are business owners, some of us are lawyers, and the rest of us are somewhere in between. Everybody is broken in some way. We just choose to seek God in these moments knowing we don’t have all the answers or a way to get out of our situations. The comfort and guidance of Jesus is what gets is through.

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